‘Budweiser’ Hopes to Attract Millennials With New Bow-Tie Can

As any current fan of Doctor Who will tell you, “Bow-ties are cool.”

Now, Budweiser hopes to cash in on said coolness with the release of its new bow-tie-shaped can this spring. The new design, which echos the familiar shape of the longtime Budweiser logo, took some major engineering to achieve (each can takes precisely sixteen steps to create).

Pat McGauley, vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch, said, “We explored various shapes that would be distinguishable in the marketplace, but also viable from an engineering standpoint…Aluminum can be stretched only about 10 percent without fracturing, which requires that the angles of the bow-tie be very precise.” It’s worth pointing out that this also means the cans use about twice the amount of aluminum of regular cans, and in a marketplace filled with “greener” packaging, it may be a step backward in that regard.

The company hopes the can born of this complex redesign will attract a new generation of trendsetting beer drinkers (i.e. millennials), and it will be marketed directly to them with a campaign that will include digital, print, and TV promotions. “This can is certainly a conversation starter: eye-catching, easy-to-grip, trendy and – according to our research – very appealing to young adults,” McGauley said. “It’s a beer can like no other.”

In order to sip their beer out of a high-tech bow-tie shaped can of awesomeness though, drinkers will have to be willing to sacrifice .7 ounces of beer — each new can holds 11.3 ounces (as opposed to the normal 12 ounces), but because they will be sold in 8 packs, young party-goers may find this forgivable.

While traditional cans of Budweiser will still be available for boring old people, the new cans will be available in stores May 6th.