Buffer Update Offers New Ways To Maximize Your Tweets

As you know from an earlier postBuffer is an app that uses an algorithm to determine the best time of day for your tweets to be sent.

It analyses your followers and their activity to see when they would be most receptive to your tweets, and can schedule dozens of them at a time to go out when you’ll see the most interaction.

And the folks at Buffer just added some more ways to help you handle your Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Using Buffer can increase clicks on your links by up to 200 percent and doubles retweets. So why the change? No need to fix something that isn’t broken.

The folks at Buffer tell us this update was entirely user-driven:

“Over the last year, we’ve found out about an amazing way that our users have been sharing with Buffer. A lot of them wake up in the morning or take some time in the evening to read the news for a good 15-30 minutes. With all the amazing content they read, sharing it effectively, at the right times, to the right social networks, is still a huge pain.” – said Buffer CEO, Joel Gascoigne. “With the new apps for the web and the iPhone, we are optimizing exactly for that use case. Whenever and wherever you want to share, by letting Buffer take care of it, you can make sure your sharing is always effective.”

The best part about the update is the analytics, including “top posts.” So beyond seeing how many clicks, retweets, likes and such, you can also see which posts (that you’ve shared via Buffer) are the most popular . . .

. . . and then you can copy those popular updates (or any updates) from one stream to another social account. So if you have a post that got a lot of interaction on Facebook and want to see if it’s popular on Twitter too, no need to recreate it, just drag and drop it into that other stream!

You can also mix up the content that goes out of your Buffer, letting Buffer’s algorithm randomize the order by simply clicking “shuffle.”


You can find the new Buffer for iPhone app here http://bufferapp.com/iphone and the new web app is at http://bufferapp.com.

 (Image from Buffer)

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