BugMe! Ported to iPad. Looking Good After All These Years. Key Feature Missing But Coming Soon

Screenshot courtesy of Electric Pocket

It is nice to see a mobile development company with longevity in this day and age. Electric Pocket and its BugMe! app has been around on various mobile platforms for at least a decade now. I first heard of BugMe! and its sticky note (you know the brand we are really talking about, right?) metaphor back when it was running on Palm OS devices. And, I recall buying either it or a very similarly functioning app for Windows Mobile about 6 or 7 years ago. The ability to jot down quick notes or diagrams that didn’t quite fit well in any other Windows Mobile app was a very handy one.

BugMe! is now available for the iPad. Unlike other apps, the iPad version is actually priced less than its iPhone version (99 cents vs. $1.99).

BugMe! Sticky Notes for iPad

BugMe! lets you quickly draw (rather than type) text or drawings of any kind in what looks like a sticky note and organize it among other notes. These graphical notes can be emailed or Tweeted right from the app. You can see what one of my tweeted notes looks like here:


The app is, however, missing one of my favorite features from earlier versions on other mobile platforms: The ability to set an alarm time to a note. Here’s an example: Let’s say you park your car somewhere at 2:37pm. You put coins in the meter for 1 hour. However, you need 15 minutes to get back to car. Quick, do some mental math to add 45 minutes to an hour and then set an alarm event in your calendar. That took a while, right? This feature in earlier BugMe! editions could do it in a couple of stylus swipes. When I asked about this feature, I was told it is “coming soon.” I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing this update.

Note: Electric Pocket was kind enough to provide a copy of this app for evaluation.

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