Bumebox Solo Gives Public Figures More Control Over Social Q&As

The mobile app from BumeBox identifies genuine questions to help weed out the trolls and keep discussions on track.

Q&A is one of the most interactive uses of social media, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner repairman on Reddit, or a celebrity on Twitter or Facebook. The issue with many social Q&As is the tendency for off topic or useless content to crowd out the genuine fans.

A new service from BumeBox called Solo aims to elevate Facebook Q&As by selecting the right questions.

BumeBox enables celebrities, politicians, executives, and other public figures to host a Q&A with commenters on Facebook.

The platform provides tools for filtering out the spammy, off topic, and distracting questions in order to increase engagement with real fans by keeping the conversation interesting and dynamic.

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Solo will have the same base as the other BumeBox Q&As; however, it will provide even better tools for public figures. The mobile-first platform will feature one-touch live Q&A broadcasting, automatically selected suggested questions, topic search, real time insights and audience tracking. Later this year the release of a 2.0 version of solo will have integrated video broadcasting support.

BumeBox founder and CEO Jon Fahrner said in a press release:

Our vision is to make social media chats with millions of fan followers, as easy as texting with friends. Fans are better served when celebrities can answer real questions instead of wasting time scrolling through nonsense from trolls. With Solo, social media Q&A is no longer a chore for celebrities; it becomes a fun, stress-free conversation with genuine fans. Ultimately fans win because we all want more conversation with the icons that we love to tune into.

The problem with Q&A threads — especially hashtag-based campaigns on Twitter — is the possibility of detractors hijacking the discussion. This has happened to multiple companies over the years, in many cases because social media managers failed to take adequate precautions.

When your Q&A doesn’t have questions from brand advocates or genuine fans lined up, or the good questions get buried under comments from detractors, the purpose can be easily lost and the discussion can quickly devolve into a mess. This is precisely the problem Solo is designed to address, by providing tools to find genuine questions from engaged participants to help keep the discussion on track.