Bureau Chief Blows Up at Verizon

Albuquerque Journal Washington Bureau Chief Michael Coleman went on Twitter Thursday to blast Verizon for its lack of follow through. In the course of a many tweet tirade to @VerizonSupport, he expressed his exasperation toward a company that didn’t bother to show up to install his phone and internet service, among other atrocities.

In what is a growing trend of journalists using the power of the press to go public with complaints against companies and services, Coleman said Verizon left him no choice but to publicly call them out. In many cases it’s airlines or hotels that screw up with journalists, but the complaints and companies vary.

In response, Verizon apologized. Unfortunately, it was too late. “I had no idea a telecom company could have worse customer service than Comcast, but I was wrong,” Coleman told FishbowlDC.

On Twitter, his words grew fiery. “Pardon me while I flame @verizon some more,” he wrote. “Worst customer service experience of my life. DO NOT use Verizon for home phone-net in DC.”

The back story? Coleman moved into a place on Capitol Hill. He thought after a rocky decade with Comcast it was time to end things and start fresh with Verizon, especially since they were offering what seemed to be a pretty great package with Direct TV included. What he says he didn’t bargain for was waiting three full days for someone to never show up for appointment(s) to hook up his internet and phone during one of the busiest work weeks on the Hill in a long time.

“I work from home,” Coleman told FishbowlDC. “Total first world nightmare.”

Here’s what happened next…

See what else happened…

Next, Coleman butchers them with his reportorial and research skills.

And now we’re nearing the end of the saga. What will happen?!


Long story short, Coleman finally told “the hapless (evil?) Verizon people to go to hell” and canceled his order, but kept Direct TV because their guy showed up when he said he would and hooked him up. He insists the only way he was actually able to get anyone at Verizon to pay attention was when he began bitching on Twitter. Even then, they still couldn’t please him.

What now?

“After canceling Verizon, I slinked (slunk?) back to Comcast for phone and internet,” he told FBDC. “They were happy to welcome me ‘back to the Comcast family’ and give me a good new deal for my telecommunications needs.”

Coleman says they say they’re coming Sunday.

Stay tuned…