Burger King Finalizes Redesign, Plans Made for Company-Wide Rollout

In just these past couple of years, we’ve seen some massive-undertaking redesigns from Starbucks getting back to their roots to McDonald’s faux Arne Jacobs move, and even from companies like Motel 6. So it only seemed a matter of time before another biggie joined the fold. Sure enough, Burger King is the next in line for a complete makeover. We first told you about a test redesign in Houston the fast-food giant had undertaken back in early June, but now Ad Age has a look at the final-final concept that should start sweeping out across their burger empire over the next few years. It doesn’t look entirely different from what we’d seen those few months back, with those more rounded edges and light-grey and red serving as the predominant colors, but maybe a bit more toned down and less “sports bar” than the earlier test model. Here’s a description:

The design, which Burger King describes as “contemporary industrial,” has a palette of white, black and black — with flame designs — and brick and concrete finishes. The company maintains that the atmosphere will “encourage intimate and engaging dining.”

We’re assuming that that “palette of white, black and black” is a typo. Whatever the palette, the first finished redesign update was done at “the chain’s highest grossing” location, in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport (who knew?) and will cost each location “between $300,000 to $600,000 per restaurant.” While that’s a high fee, apparently all that encouragement of intimate and engaging dining should fetch double-digit increases in sales for each unit.

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