Burger King Microsoft Windows 7 Whopper Sandwich

It’s real, it’s seven patties tall and it’s only available in Japan. Since we can’t read Japanese, we defer to Laughing Squid‘s explanation of the greatest Windows promotion of all time:

In an unusual cross-marketing campaign, Microsoft and Burger King Japan are offering the Windows 7 Whopper during the week of October 22-28 to celebrate the release of Windows 7. Measuring 13cm (5.1 inches) in diameter, the “Amerikanbanzu” (“supergiant”) Windows 7 Whopper features up to seven 113 gram (¼ pound) beef patties totaling 1.75 pounds. The first 30 customers can purchase a Windows 7 Whopper for the special price of ¥777 ($8.49), regular price ¥1450 ($15.84).

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