Burj Kalifa Reopens, Sets Date for Armani Hotel

As we reported, just weeks after its high profile opening, the world’s tallest building, the Burj Kalifa in Dubai, mysteriously closed its doors to the public. That mystery was solved when it finally came out that the closure was due to a faulty elevator, which had trapped visitors for nearly an hour before they were successfully rescued. Now almost two months later, the building reopened this past Sunday (“tallest building in the world” was already keeping us away with this writer’s fear of heights; “frozen elevators” has definitely confirmed we won’t be waiting in line to get in now that it’s possible again). In another positive move for the rocky-start building, the Armani Hotel, which they’d announced in mid-May would be delayed again, this time for a month, has set an opening date of April 21st. But with the Burj’s long history of constant delays, it’s probably best to take that new official opening day as more of a guess.

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