Burj Kalifa’s Armani Hotel Opening Delayed

And another follow-up, but one that’s not surprising at all. Earlier this month when we posted about the Burj Kalifa‘s owners setting a date for the opening of the Armani Hotel inside their world’s tallest building, we said “…with the Burj’s long history of constant delays, it’s probably best to take that new official opening day as more of a guess.” And had we made a bet with you about it, you’d owe us some serious greenbacks right now, because just guess what happened? But at least this time it wasn’t a construction slow-down or serious malfunction, as the opening was moved from April 21st to the 27th because none of their VIPs, including Giorgio Armani himself, could get out of Europe, what with all that volcanic ash grounding everyone’s flights. And though we’re more certain that they’ll hit this date, we’ll see what happens come next Tuesday. While you wait, the Independent has a quick synopsis of the ins and outs of the Armani’s new digs. Feel free to remember all those details when, a few years from now, all the lavish vacationing finally finishes moving to Abu Dhabi and the hotel is forced to shut down (sorry, we’re on a prediction roll here and can’t be stopped).

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