InStyle EIC Laura Brown Eyes February ‘Soft Opening’

New EIC's plans include the addition of mini-magazine StyleIn.

Great interview in The Business of Fashion with InStyle editor in chief Laura Brown, who took over at the Time Inc. publication this summer for Ariel Foxman.

The Australian-born Brown arrived at InStyle with Harper’s Bazaar street cred, a ton of Instagram followers and the additional outlet of a program on Made to Measure’s video network. She was able to touch the cover of the November issue (pictured) and expand that issue’s coverage of the magazine’s big bash at the Toronto International Film Festival. She tells Lauren Sherman changes are coming:

“Going forward, in terms of design, it will be refreshed,” Brown says. “It needs to be somewhat bolder in terms of readability.” These changes will come next year. “If we were going to put the magazine in restaurant language, February will be the soft opening and March will be the full buffet,” she jokes.

Indeed, the March 2017 issue will be Brown’s official coming-out party. It will also mark the debut of StyleIn, a mini-magazine inserted into the main book that will presumably target a more youthful audience. “You get the social model who may not be right for newsstand cover but has great currency, great taste, great voice,” she says.

Brown also has big plans (and high praise) for her fashion news director Eric Wilson. Read the rest of the interview here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.