BusinessWire Launches Online Press Kit Offering

Occasionally, PRNewser will get sent a hard copy press kit. We’ll admit that they do stand out amidst the sea of email and social media streams we’re following throughout the day.

However, it’s no surprise to PR and marketing types that like most other content, the press kit is now digital. BusinessWire is trying to capitalize on that with the launch of “Online Press Kit by Business Wire” today.

Tom Becktold, SVP of Marketing at BusinessWire stopped by PRNewser’s offices today to chat us up about the new offering, as well as catch up on other areas of the newswire business (more on that later).

He said the new offering is geared primarily towards conferences and events.

“CES [The Consumer Electronics Show] is probably the biggest volume show that we work with,” he said, adding that the company’s Tradeshows and Events division works with more than 600 tradeshows and conferences and currently accounts for about $8 million in annual revenue.

So why should a brand use BusinessWire’s service instead of creating their own content on their own website, we asked?

Becktold mentioned that with BusinessWire, press kits will be more “integrated” with conferences and events, and will have added and targeted distribution.

What will it cost? $275 to $450, said Becktold, depending on the amount of documents and multi-media you need BusinessWire to host.

Similar services, such as’s PressLift, cost $299, but provide close to zero distribution.

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