Bustle Digital Group Acquires The Outline

The tech and culture site is Bryan Goldberg's latest media purchase after Gawker.com and Mic

Bryan Goldberg, CEO and founder, BDG, is known for acquiring these new titles in fire sales. - Credit by Bustle
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Bustle Digital Group purchased The Outline, its latest acquisition of a handful of digital media companies. Financial details were not disclosed.

BDG will bring on board The Outline’s CEO and editor in chief, Joshua Topolsky, as well as as its editorial, technology and revenue teams.

Founded in 2016, The Outline has since honed in on its culture coverage, making a name for itself for its unique design. Last year, The Outline laid off its staff writers and moved to a freelance model. The masthead now names 12 staffers, including Topolsky.

Bryan Goldberg, CEO and founder, BDG, is known for acquiring these new titles in fire sales. Gawker.com was won in a auction for reportedly less than $1.5 million and Mic was purchased when it was in financial straits.

“We can’t wait to bring our team, technology and storytelling to the BDG family,” said Topolsky in a statement. “Bryan and the company have built an impressive modern media business, and we’re excited to be part of the next chapter.”

The media circles are small. Amanda Hale (who was employed at Talking Points Memo at the same time as this writer) joined BDG as Gawker’s publisher after leaving The Outline as its chief revenue officer.

“The Outline has created industry leading technology and ad product,” Goldberg said in a statement. “We love what they’ve done as an independent, story-driven publication and look forward to working together to speak to new audiences BDG has not previously reached.”

BDG and Goldberg—who created Bleacher Report, then sold it to Turner—have made a number of acquisitions recently, including The Zoe Report, Gawker (expected to relaunch later this year and has secured Dan Peres as its editor in chief), Flavorpill Media (said to help expand the brand’s arms in events) and Mic. BDG also includes Bustle, Romper and Elite Daily.

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