Butt Art App Teaches Animal Drawing Beginning At The Rear

Madbrook Publishing has a new kids book app out that helps kids learn how to draw zoo animals.

Butt Art is a free app that teaches drawing with a step-by-step approach beginning with the butt of the animal.

Here is more from the app’s description: “We’re parents so we know kids can learn and be creative while also being silly. That’s why we created Everything Butt Art. Our iPad app and printed books teach step-by-step drawing with a twist – drawings start with a butt shape (a rounded lowercase w).”

Madbrook Publishing founder talked to GigaOm about the app: “If your kids are drawing on a device and the parents are not engaged, that’s not a sustainable approach. There’s no substitution for an engaged parent. We’re trying to bring in parents in a way that’s low friction.”

Kids can save their drawings as galleries and then share them across their social networks be it Facebook or Twitter.

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