Buy 2 Rail Passes, Get a Free Kindle

Got a hankering to go on a railroad trip this fall?

Eurail is running a new special offer right now. It’s giving away one free Kindle Wifi with the purchase of 2 global rail passes. Here’s some more detail:

The Eurail Global Pass is your key to discovering Europe, giving you unlimited rail travel across the European network of 22 countries.

Starting from $520, you can savor Italy’s mouth-watering cuisine, hop around pristine Greek islands or explore the colossal scenery of the Alps. Decide your route as you go along and fit in as many places as you want.

You will need to buy the thousand dollar tickets and then fill out the form they email you. You should get your Kindle with a couple weeks.

Is it just me or does this seem a rather cheap incentive to offer with a purchase that will cost over a thousand dollars? Given how expensive rail travel is now, I would think that the gold plated Kindle would be more fair deal.


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