How To Buy Friends And Influence People: The Going Rate For Fake Followers On Social Media

The “fake followers” epidemic has been a problem on Twitter for some time – and it’s well-documented here on All Twitter – but did you realize the trend of trading cash for social media currency is prevalent across all networks?

These days, you can pay for just about any symbol of popularity on social, from Facebook likes to Pinterest repins to YouTube views.

In its April 2013 issue, Wired breaks down the going rates on the social media black market:

Facebook: On you can buy 500 likes for $30 or 20,000 for $699.

Pinterest: Pinfol delivers 100 followers for $15 or 5,000 for $95.

Twitter: FanMeNow’s packages start at $10 for 1,000 followers. $1,750 will score you a million.

YouTube: delivers 30,000 views for $150. For $3,100, make your video “viral” with a million views.

A few additions of our own:

Instagram: Pay $75 in exchange for 5,000 followers.

Blogs: Using, you can buy 50 blog comments for $149 or 250 blog comments for $399.

Vimeo: will net you 100,000 Vimeo views for $200.

Tumblr: 100 Tumblr followers will cost you $10.99; 10,000 will cost you $484.64 using Social Network Booster.

The caveat that none of these services tell you is that the “followers” they’re purchasing for you are hollow accounts – whether blatantly so (the telltale egg avatar on Twitter, for example) or more convincingly genuine – that won’t add any substantive engagement to your social networking, and will likely even detract from metrics like your Klout score.

That being said, there can be a temptation to bite when you see the prospect of amplified followers and friends float before you.

Would you ever consider purchasing followers, likes, comments, retweets, video views, or any other social networking endorsements? If you want more information, read our past coverage on buying followers.

[Read the electronic version of the Wired article here, including advice on how to spot phonies on each social platform.]

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