BuzzFeed Adds Anthony Cormier and Nancy Youssef

A respite from some prominent recent staff poachings.

Lest you think the story at BuzzFeed has been all about its poached staff, BuzzFeed News is adding two to its ranks. Nancy Youssef is joining the world team and Anthony Cormier the investigative team, reports Politico.

Youssef, who was a senior national security correspondent for The Daily Beast, will be in a similar role covering the Pentagon for BuzzFeed. “That’s why it’s all the more important to have someone like Nancy, who understands how these generals work, who has reported on them for years and years and years,” world editor Miriam Elder told Politico’s Peter Sterne, referring to the unusually high number of military leaders among Donald Trump‘s cabinet picks. “I just feel lucky that we have someone like her to help us understand and to help readers understand what it really means.”

Cormier joins from The Tampa Bay Times, where he had been an investigative reporter and is one of the recipients of this year’s Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. According to Sterne, Cormier beat out almost 700 applicants for a spot on BuzzFeed’s investigative team, where Cormier will have both reporting and editing duties.

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