BuzzFeed Attacks ‘Worst Teenager On Instagram’

BuzzFeed desperately wants us all to take it seriously, but then things like “This Might Be The Worst Teenager On Instagram” happen. The post calls out a 17 year old kid for posting outlandish and obnoxious photos. And let’s be clear, the pictures are ridiculous. There’s one of him biting a stack of hundred dollar bills and one of an iPad box filled with money. There’s even one of him filling his toilet with San Pellegrino, which is funny if only because he’s not filling the tank, he’s filling the bowl. Kids!

Here’s what we want to know: What is the motivation behind BuzzFeed attacking a random kid? Why would a site — that at times does quality journalism and deserves to be recognized for it — call out a teenager for being a teenager? So he acts stupid on the Internet. So what? He’s 17 years old. Everyone is stupid when they’re 17.

BuzzFeed’s post already has over 2,000 shares and 11,000 likes on Facebook, so it’s a big hit. We guess that’s why BuzzFeed did it. They knew it would go viral and they’d get their hits. Well, congrats to them.

The post delcares that the teen is either “the best troll in history or the worst person in the whole world.” So what does that make BuzzFeed?