House of Cards Cast Parties at Buzzfeed BBQ

Once the actual White House Correspondents Dinner was over, a swarm of people descended upon the Jack Rose Dining Saloon for the Buzzfeed BBQ after-party. No crowd drew more attention than the cast of Netflix’s House of Cards, who made their way down Florida Ave. (Kevin Spacey was noticeably absent.)

As they arrived at the front door, Robin Wright-Penn decided to take her high heels off. After slipping one off, she struggled with the other undone, so rolled into the party with only one shoe on. A brave choice considering the raucous atmosphere inside the soirée.

As soon as they entered, the House of Cards crew was offered a spot in the VIP area and they all said, “No, we want to dance!”

More from the party…


The cast made their way to the front of the party to dance while partygoers furiously snapped pics of them getting down.

They hung out for about 45 minutes, which was plenty of time for people to pose with the cast and spread it around the internet. Worlds collided as the real world of Buzzfeed collided with the fake world of Slugline. Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith spent some time talking to Kate Mara a.k.a. Zoe Barnes and Robin Wright-Penn. 

(Photo credit: Bill Auth)

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