Media Wastes Little Time Catching Up to @SeinfeldToday

This may be a new record. Sunday afternoon, the Twitter account @SeinfeldToday was playfully launched to showcase the strands of nothingness that might preoccupy Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer if their Thursday night NBC show was still on the air.

This morning, members of the Jerry-loving media were rushing to get the scoop and this afternoon (ET time), Atlantic Wire blogger Esther Zuckerman was chronicling the whole thing. A mere 20 hours in:

The man behind the account, BuzzFeed’s sports editor Jack Moore, started tweeting out scenarios with his friend, comedian Josh Gondelman, and then decided that the joke merited its own account. Moore is a Seinfeld fanatic himself: “I’m pretty much constantly watching episodes in the background while I’m doing anything,” he told us in an email. “I have a thumb drive with the whole series on it that I keep in my bag pretty much all the time.”

One thing’s for sure. Per the account’s inaugural tweet (shown above), if Kramer was still coming to a skidding halt in Jerry’s apartment, it would no doubt occasionally have something to do with his mind just having been blown on Twitter. Cue the Jerry Seinfeld death hoax.

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