Bye For Now (But Don’t Worry)

We’re outta here.

We’ve…er, I’ve—screw this imperial blogger’s voice thing just this once—been running MediaJobsDaily basically single-handedly since April 2009 (except for our amazing guest-bloggers who we can’t thank enough), and it’s time for a well-deserved vacation*.

Taking my place for a week is freelancer Mike Janssen, who’s been covering the media—public radio in particular—for Current, the trade newspaper and website about public broadcasting. He has also written about shopping malls for Retail Traffic magazine, beer for Piedmont Virginian magazine, and baseball (about which he knows nothing) for the Washington City Paper. A few years ago he co-founded a blog about classical music radio, Scanning The Dial, where he remains a contributor. You can also hear his show of jazz, African music, blues, funk, reggae and more on WPFW, the listener-supported Pacifica station in Washington.

So basically, you guys are in good hands, so be nice to him. (No hazing!)

I’m back Monday the 22nd. Until then, toodle-oo!

*That vacation, by the way? More of a busman’s holiday. I’m headed down to Austin. I hear there might be some sort of event going on down there…so say hello if you run into me.

photo: fspugna