C-SPAN Callers Crack Down on Bygone Issue of Tucker Carlson’s No Bow-Tie Look

Every so often the question arrives. When it happens it seems slightly off the beam, like where have you been, under a boulder? The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson lost his bow-tie look some five years ago.

But after wearing the distinctive neckwear from the time he graduated high school to the mid 90s, Carlson will likely never be able to avoid the question, and this morning it showed up on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.” Those C-SPAN callers don’t miss a beat.

Take Carlton, on the Democrats line from Chesapeake, Md.   She starts off by discussing tax dollars. “Some you win and some you lose,” she says, concerning paying taxes on things you support. But more importantly, “I had a question about the bow-tie. You said you stopped wearing it because it seemed to stop people from screaming obscenities at you. I was wondering if they perhaps just don’t recognize you without your bow-tie. No one screams obscenities at you now?”

“Well that is such a smart question,” Carlson replied. He soothed her concern, saying, “Of course people scream obscenities at me now. And  I do yell obscenities back. I have very limited self-control when it comes to that. But I would say fewer people do. And it may be that, you’re right, I’m blending in. I’m like everybody else. I’m a face in the crowd and that would be a great thing, personally.”

Carlson recalled a recent incident in which someone approached him at the airport. They asked, “Has anyone told you that you look a lot like Tucker Carlson, comma, but he’s more handsome, no offense? And I said, ‘No offense taken, he is a handsome devil,’ and she agreed. And I think it was because I wasn’t wearing a bow-tie. No, look, I’m fully integrated into American society and it feels really good.”

The bow-tie question first arose from the host, who asked about it as if he was surprised, followed by a caller, Joel, on the Republican line. Joel spoke of a possible brokered convention, of Sen. Rand Paul. At the end of the call he remarked, “I miss the bow-tie. I like your work.”

But perhaps better to focus on the tie, as opposed to say, Carlson’s laugh. One male caller, Joe, from Missouri clearly didn’t care for it….

“I liked to respond to a statement Mr. Carlson made awhile ago. I guess he thinks he’s cute and his heinous laugh.” Joe went on to compare him to Hitler and Stalin. Carlson smiled through the insults and went on to respond.


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