WME Starts a CAAt Fight

Towards the end of the comments thread for Deadline’s updated item about today’s bizarre “CAAN’T” pop-up ad campaign in Century City and elsewhere, there is a NSFWestfield suggestion as to how the house that Michael Ovitz built could respond to what is now a confirmed William Morris Endeavor broadside:

Options: bloWME also works.

Another reader offers up  “w’meh.” And then there’s this hilarious alternate conspiracy theory:

Postradamus: This is CLEARLY an attack on the beautiful acting of Scott Caan!

CAA is not officially commenting to Deadline, the LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter or anyone else at press time about being publicly ridiculed by a rival agency. But it’s safe to say that Page Six had no idea what they were setting the stage for when they ran a now-infamous May 13 blind item.

Meanwhile, if WME boss Ari Emanuel is as smart as we think he is, he’ll make sure everyone knows shortly that he has – or will be – writing a personal check to cover the entire expense of this strange reverse-PR summertime exercise. As opposed to, say, planning a second guerrilla campaign that puts a “P” in front of UTA.

Update – 06/12/13: Finke reported Wednesday morning that WME was planning an expansion of its kooky CAAN’T campaign. But mercifully, she says those plans have now been canceled.

Update – 06/15/13: That aforementioned first Deadline comment suggestion has morphed into an apparent LA bench ad.

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