Cable Companies’ Recent Streaming Video iPad Apps Are Popular Downloads

I was really puzzled by this title over at GigaOm. I thought the recently released streaming video apps from Time Warner and Comcast were wins for both services. But, a quick awakening and slap to the forehead provided a generational translation.

Cable Company iPad Apps Are Killing It

So, for those of you in the older generation (which I suppose is anyone over 30 as it has been considered for several generations now), “killing it” is like the transition of the concept of “very good” expressed by the word “bad” for many years now. In other words, yes, the apps are doing well for the cable companies. GigaOm notes that Time Warner’s iPad was downloaded 360,000 times in its first month while Comcast’s iPad app was downloaded 50,000 times in its first five days.

However, I wonder if interest to download translates to actual use for two reasons:

1. Time Warner’s iPad app does not work in certain areas of the country. I confirmed that mine is one of them. In these cases, download is non-use.
2. There’s no accounting for preferences. I think I would enjoy using a streaming video app from my cable company. But, some people may try it, dislike it, and never use it again.