Café World (20M), Roller Coaster Kingdom (10M), FarmVille (60M) in Top 20 Growing Games This Week

Café World, Zynga‘s new virtual restaurant game, has hit 20 million users as of today, according to our AppData service. It added almost 10 million in the last week, alone — it only launched at the beginning of the month, so this the fastest growth we’ve ever seen from a social game. And, of course, the app came in at the top of our list of the 20 gaming apps that gained the most users last week on Facebook.

Another Zynga title, Roller Coaster Kingdom, has also boomed. It actually launched at the beginning of August, and by Zynga’s standards had been growing relatively slowly. In fact, it was actually losing traffic in September, falling from a high of 4.45 million to as low as 3.84 million.

But earlier this month, something changed, and the game has since gained nearly 6 million users, including 4 million in the last week. What changed? We’re not completely sure, but on October 5th, Zynga added the app to its toolbar — meaning users playing extremely popular games like FarmVille will see it along with Zynga’s other apps in a panel at the top of the screen. Roller Coaster Kingdom came in at number three on our list this week.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, % Developer
1. Café World 20,059,325 +9,960,741 +98.6 Zynga
2. FarmVille 60,322,759 +4,200,352 +7.5 Zynga
3. Roller Coaster Kingdom 10,407,600 +4,074,512 +64.3 Zynga
4. Bejeweled Blitz 8,715,030 +1,026,693 +13.4 Popcap Games
5. Restaurant City 17,074,872 +874,468 +5.4 Playfish
6. YoVille 19,768,369 +851,240 +4.5 Zynga
7. Pet Society 20,281,917 +769,682 +3.9 Playfish
8. (Lil) Farm Life 5,444,328 +706,635 +14.9 Greenpatch Inc
9. Country Story 7,941,959 +516,180 +7.0 Playfish
10. Animal Paradise 3,740,008 +429,416 +13.0 Rekoo
11. 開心農場 4,163,861 +402,817 +10.7 ELEX
12. Brain Buddies 5,770,139 +391,908 +7.3 wooga – world of gaming
13. Mobsters 2: Vendetta 3,306,320 +339,812 +11.5 Playdom
14. Sorority Life 6,985,708 +331,167 +5.0 Playdom
15. Texas HoldEm Poker 18,382,983 +290,384 +1.6 Zynga
16. MindJolt Games 15,120,681 +289,720 +2.0 MindJolt
17. Sunshine Ranch 2,295,587 +264,882 +13.0 Rekoo
18. Icy Tower 347,158 +251,184 +261.7 Free Lunch Design
19. Castle Age 1,447,758 +187,866 +14.9 Castle Age
20. Forever Friends 969,366 +161,120 +19.9 Martin Wee

Speaking of FarmVille, it was at number two on the list, gaining 4.20 million to reach 60.3 million monthly active users.

But, despite Zynga’s success, there are plenty of other notable apps growing on the platform this week. At number four is Bejeweled Blitz, from Popcap Games — the company is a decade old, and has historically been focused on casual games. But it has spent the last year building social games, and raised its first round of funding ever only recently to try to push that effort harder. Bejeweled, based on the company’s casual puzzle game of of the same name, grew 1.03 million to reach 8.72 million monthly actives this past week. That’s is a good sign for the company.

Playfish, which has had a popular virtual food-vending game called Restaurant City for months, is also coming along well. Its app grew by 874,000 users this past week to reach 17.1 million. Yes, it got passed by Café World last week, but it is still hanging in there — and at number five on the list. Also, actually, Playfish’s virtual farming game, Country Story, is also doing relatively well. It grew by a respectable 516,000 to reach 7.94 million monthly actives.

Also notable this week are the successes of Asia-based simulation games. Animal Paradise and Sunshine Ranch from Beijing-based developer Rekoo each gained hundreds of thousands of users, as did 開心農場 (“Happy Farm”) by ELEX.

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