Café World Jumps To The Top 10 Facebook Applications

Zynga doesn’t stop growing. The company, which now owns 6 of the top 10 Facebook applications, has watched it’s latest application, Café World, leap up the charts in just over a week. It’s now the second largest game on Facebook in terms of daily active users and the tenth largest game in terms of monthly active users. With such a large number of daily users, it appears that Zynga has another hit on their hands.

The company is also looking to go after another rapidly growing vertical: fishing. Last week the company trademarked “FishVille” in an attempt to go after “The Happy Aquarium”, “My Fishbowl”, and “Fish World”, three rapidly growing Facebook games. Zynga’s leading game, FarmVille now has over 22 million daily active users, three times the number of users that use the Facebook for iPhone application each day.

In other words the Facebook platform has become a large gaming platform. Yes, there are some other verticals that are doing well but 19 of the top 30 games, based on daily active users, are all games. If you aren’t creating games, there’s good odds that you are creating quizzes. If your application doesn’t involve quizzes, games, or virtual goods, you probably shouldn’t be building on the Facebook platform currently.

Zynga appears to have the formula down for creating successful applications, and whether you like them or not, they are dominating the social gaming space. Playfish and Playdom are also building engaging games and experiencing successes of their own. The success of Café World highlights how the Zynga has mastered the social game engagement loop and with two big successes in a short period of time, one can only wonder if they’ll make it three.

I guess we’ll have to wait a few weeks for the launch of FishVille.

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