A Forthcoming Highlight From Caitlyn Jenner’s E! Series

Vanity Fair profiler Buzz Bissinger teases a fairway keeper.

CaitlynJennerVFCoverAs our Adweek colleague Jason Lynch reports, E! has announced that Caitlyn Jenner’s docuseries I Am Cait will debut July 26. With historic overnight ratings for the cable network no doubt to immediately follow.

This morning on The Dan Patrick Show, Buzz Bissinger, the veteran journalist who wrote the upcoming Vanity Fair profile, stressed that Jenner has a great sense of humor:

“The use of the pronoun is confusing… We’re all getting used to this. But Caitlyn doesn’t care. She says, ‘I make this mistake. You know, sometimes, I’ll see someone, I’ll talk on the phone, and say, ‘Hey, it’s Bruce here.’ Wait a minute, I’m not Bruce, I’m Caitlyn.'”

“One of the segments on the show, and I think this will be funny. Bruce is a really good golfer. He’s a 300, 320 off the tee, which makes sense because he’s a great natural athlete. One of the segments is going to see how far he can hit it off the men’s tee, now that he has very ample bosoms. And I’ve seen them, and they are very ample. And that’s the kind of sense of humor she has.”

By the way, Bissinger also told listeners and future series viewers not be be fooled by E!’s high-minded “docuseries” label. It’s a reality TV show, he assured, plain and simple. Although in this case maybe not so simple.
[Cover image courtesy: vanityfair.com]

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