Calibre eBook Library Updated – Now Supports Kindle Print Replica

If you were hoping to be able to use Amazon’s newest eBook format, I have some good news for you. Calibre just got its weekly update and one of the new features is support for Kindle Print Replica files.

Calibre is the leading eBook and eReader management tool. It supports conversion from and to a wide variety of eBook formats. It will also assist you in organizing your eBook library and transferring your eBooks to your eReader (almost all are supported).

Kindle Print Replica is a new format that Amazon quietly introduced last week, and which was first noticed over the weekend. It’s best to think of it as something like a PDF format because (like a PDF)  it was designed to the layout of a print book. Of course, the really fun detail is that a KPR file actually is a PDF file; the only difference is that Amazon wrapped the PDF in its own format. I think they did it because they wanted to use PDFs while still controlling the format.

The update won’t let you make KPR files yet; all you can do is take them apart and get the PDF that is inside. It’s not clear yet when calibre will be able to make the file; the developer who figured out how to take the file apart have told me that there are some technical problems with creating the file.  He’s not sure that he will be able to solve them.