Call of Duty PR Stunt in Singapore Became Too Real and Too Stupid

Maybe the only black thing Activision deserves is an eye for this stunt?

Video game companies are always coming up with inventive tactics to promote their newest games to the puerile hipsters of the community who still live in their mom’s basement.

The more popular the game, the stronger the outreach needs to be in order to capture those dorks the fans’ attention … and investment. There is probably no more popular game in the ‘shooter’ category than Activision’s Call of Duty. Its latest iteration “Black Ops 3” is coming out next month, so let the marketing teases begin.

Only, when that campaign launches, someone may want to watch the news or stop vaping long enough to read a website or two. People are kinda’ sensitive about terrorism and such. Sure you know that, but gamers? Not so much.

So, there you are, reading up on how to become a Level One judge in World of Warcraft or some such, and this tweet scrolls across your timeline. Sure, this excites you and gets you to start sweating up your Stormtrooper Snuggie. Other people are freaking out, but you’re happy. And then, this happens:

It’s scary enough in the content, but that picture really gets you thinking, “Crap. Is this real? Maybe I should share with others—like everyone in my network with a blast post—and find out?” But first, this happened…pictures:

QZoneThe “Singapore army” released a series of statements on the ground, establishing a “30-mile quarantine zone” and calling for citizens to remain in their homes. “There have been no claims of responsibility from any terror organization,” it added in a tweet.

Twitter went to work after this calling the campaign “distasteful” and “offensive.” To make the #PRFail even worse, all of the tweets are still live and no response nor apology has been issued. Stay classy, Activision.