Calvin Trillin Leaves Them Hungry for More

New Yorker writer served up a full plate of one-liners during his latest Festival food trek.

ComeHungryNewYorkerPart of the fun of Bloomberg Business reporter Chris Rovzar’s first-person account of The New Yorker Festival Oct. 4 culinary walking tour led by Calvin Trillin is that it includes some of the 79-year-old guide’s running commentary.

“If matzo really tasted like this, the Jews would have never left Egypt,” Trillin said early on at Blue Ribbon Bakery. Later, at Di Palo’s, The New Yorker vet reminded, “A fridge to mozzarella is like a wooden cross to a vampire.”

As Rovzar also notes, the impossible-to-get $150 tickets for this annual event are just one reason why the walking tour is unusual:

It’s weird to be on a New York walking tour full of New Yorkers. These are people who probably roll their eyes at other walking tours on other days. But even though these guys know better, the giddiness of being on this special adventure made everyone forget themselves. They crossed streets against the light, and they clogged sidewalks. Rather than get sheepish for seeming so touristy, they hoped to be asked what they were doing in this big scrum. Then there would be the chance to explain! At one point, a car blared its horn at the group, and a woman joked, “They obviously don’t know who we are.”

There are plenty of appetizing photos in the Bloomberg coverage spread, as well. Check out Rovzar’s full account here.
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