Camera+ for iPhone Sold 1 Million Copies After Being Unbanned by Apple

The Angry Birds Rio game app tie-in to the Rio movie has reportedly had more than 10 million downloads since its release.

Angry Birds Rio Blasts Pass 10 Million Downloads In 10 Days On iPhone and Android

Angry Birds Rio isn’t the only mobile app with millions of downloads (many of them paid), however. taptaptap’s Camera+ photography utility app sold a million units at 99 cents each in three months. You might remember Camera+ for another reason. Apple pulled it after it sold its first million units because its developers provided an option to use the iPhone’s volume control as a shutter button to take a photo. While this makes sense to most people, Apple forbids reassigning the volume control to a different function.

The app’s ability to sell extremely well after being absent from the iTunes App Store for 5 months is quite remarkable. taptaptap also notes that its 99 cent in-app Analog effects pack sold just under 100,000 copies.