Camilla Nickerson Also Leaves W Magazine Before Tonchi Arrival

W magazine has experienced quite a roller coaster ride as of late. Not only was it moved out of Fairchild Fashion Group to be placed under the supervision of Condé Nast editorial director Tom Wallace, it also lost Patrick McCarthy and much of its senior editorial staff. Then, after much media speculation about who would be taking over at W, Stefano Tonchi was announced as its new editor… only to have to face court for an older DWI charge. He’s since been acquitted after pleading guilty to running a red light — and paying $435 in fines — but the changes and troubles aren’t quite over for W.

The magazine’s senior fashion editor Camilla Nickerson has officially resigned, as has creative director Dennis Freedman.

Freedman had been among the names thrown around as a possible replacement for McCarthy, and his being passed over for promotion in favor of Tonchi has reportedly not sat well. Nickerson’s exit is more surprising, with one source opining that Tonchi would have done well to convince the former Vogue staffer to stay: “The first thing he should have done was get on the phone and tell her she was needed at this magazine. She’s considered a genius in the fashion world.”