Campaign 2016: So Much Texas Today

Rick Perry announces his bid for the GOP nom while Hillary Clinton talks voter rights.

You may recall the Texas tourism ads circa 1993, touting the state’s otherness, its “like a whole other country” otherness.

And while there are those in the state who really would like it to be its own country, today it’s the most important battleground for the protracted quest to determine the United States’ next leader among a field of candidates that now stands officially at 14, and unofficially at about 20 or so.

The latest to announce, and second Texan, is former Texas governor Rick Perry, who made it official with the re-launch of his campaign website and an announcement video that opens up majestically with the camera panning over clouds that give way to an image of the White House, flashes of city and suburban scenes, the word “truth” popping up from a black background, the St. Louis arch, a baby, cowboys! It closes on a U.S. air force jet taking flight, lest you’ve forgotten that Perry is an air force vet. We start with clouds, and we head back to them, and, as is implied, a glorious new future.

Perry will make an in-person speech shortly in the Dallas suburb of Addison, Texas, where the flying motif continues at the small airport that will host Perry and his C-130 plane adorned with a “Perry for President” logo.

Perry isn’t the only candidate in Texas today. Hillary Clinton will be at Texas Southern University in Houston delivering a speech on voting rights.

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