Campari on the Rocks

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. And no one knows that better than Karen Feld and her pooch, Campari. For those who aren’t acquainted, Feld is an alum of Roll Call, the Washington Times and most recently, the Washington Examiner… until, as she puts it, Patrick Gavin (now of Politico) stole her job.

An heir to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus who stays in the headlines through frivolous lawsuits and other theatrics, Feld is currently most recognizable as the woman with the small browning poodle hanging out of her silver handbag. Such was the case at the McLaughlin Thomson-Reuters brunch on Sunday.

Atop the Hay Adams, Feld was seen edging in toward McLaughlin in hopes of him holding her dear Campari…until things got Rocky.

Editor of Animal Fair Wendi Diamond (another dog purse kind of gal as shown in the above photograph), also at the party was overheard flirtatiously telling John McLaughlin that she was going to set him up with a pretty, skinny 53-year-old woman in Manhattan, before asking him to pose with her dog.

McLaughlin, who is on the rebound after filing for divorce, was easily taken in by Diamond’s charms and held her dog in his arms and posed for pictures.

Meanwhile, Feld watched with fury in her eyes, as an innocent little Campari hid quietly in her purse. “Campari’s jealous,” Feld said snidely in the vicinity, rolling her eyes at Diamond.

Somehow Campari made it through the awkwardness of watching McLaughlin cradle another dog.

We’re not sure, however, that Feld did.

Campari poking out of Feld’s silver handbag.