Can A/B Testing Help Push Notifications Breakthrough With Brands in 2014?

Infographic suggests how marketers can move the tactic forward

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The Astrologer has been working with mobile vendor OtherLevels to optimize the horoscope app's push-notification marketing, putting together A/B split tests that have lifted click-throughs as much as 285 percent, per the companies. The marketers for The Astrologer aim to increase engagement without turning off the folks who have downloaded its smartphone app.

Indeed, laboratory-style testing has long been a hallmark of effective digital marketing. And if any tactic needs to be clinically studied, it's probably push notification—which can easily annoy app users if utilized too eagerly by brands.

Push notifications have only been around for a few years and are essentially opt-in text alerts that automatically surface on the home screens of smartphones. When consumers turn push notifications on within an app and then tap a marketing message when it surfaces, they’re often led to a mobile page with an offer from the brand literally at hand.

But while names like BET and StubHub have employed the tactic, push notification largely seems to be struggling to take hold as a major tool for brands that want to maximize the personal consumer connection afforded by mobile apps. So for it to survive and even thrive in 2014, marketers need to learn as much as possible about how consumers want to interact with a brand via the still-nascent messaging feature.

At the most basic level, The Astrologer is using split-testing to discover what messages work versus ones that do not. (Example: A. Hey Libra, got a problem? Tap to talk to Kelli Fox, The Astrologer versus B. Hey Libra, got a question? Tap to talk to Kelli Fox, The Astrologer.)

And here is a look at the A/B trialing strategies utilized by the brand via an infographic produced by OtherLevels.




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