Can Bullying Be Funny?

nerds today bosses tomorrow

Because this is hilarious, right?

Strange question to ask, I know, but thanks to a recent PSA produced by VH1 (yes, that VH1), it is a question many advocates are forced to consider. There is no debate on one salient point — bullying is absolutely no laughing matter. However, VH1 is trying to add a few humor points to the subject to show what could eventually happen to these kids and the dolts who bully them.

An anti-bullying ad with the theme ‘nerds today, bosses tomorrow’ has gone viral, but it definitely has created its detractors — as in, most of America that has seen it. Here’s why:

VH1 uses the rally cry disco tune of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” to pictures of bullied children singing how they will get their revenge on the bullies by not giving them raises and maybe not even hiring them in the first place. However, how many victimized children get that chance in the first place?

Earlier this month, we brought to you an idea that National Youth Violence Prevention Week needs more champions … and this video is why. Proud organizations like National Students Against Violence Everywhere,, and the National Bullying Prevention Center exists to bring awareness to a pandemic that is way too common in our schools, but are their attempts too somber to get behind?

“The idea of the campaign is to raise awareness about bullying, speaking directly to those ‘cool’ kids who watch the channel,” Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi agency in Argentina said in a press release. “In order to reach them, we knew we had to do something really original that corresponded to the personality and idiosyncrasy of the brand and, more importantly, spoke a language that young people could relate to.”

VH1 tends to agree that the aforementioned groups are a little too morose in their attempts to end bullying; otherwise, the music reality TV channel wouldn’t have made this video with a little more pep in its step. Would they? You watch and be the judge yourself. We’d love to hear your comments.