Can Google Drive More Growth Through New Buttons?

Google Buzz launched at the beginning of February and since then, the product has seen a doubling in usage, just in the past month according to sharing service AddThis. Today, the company announced new buttons that enable website owners to have their content promoted via Google Buzz.

While Facebook and Twitter are where most users share content they find, Google Buzz appears to be attracting more users, despite many of the early adopters no longer using the service. Given the promotion of Google Buzz within the inbox, it has become a popular source of content among Gmail users.

Google has publicly acknowledged that this year the company will be investing heavily in building out their social media presence and the upgrades to Google Buzz emphasize that. While I’m not seeing many of the mainstream technology publications driving much sharing of articles through Google Buzz, somebody has to be using the service as it has seen tremendous growth over the past month.

Who those users are is unknown but Google is now pushing promotion of the service through partnerships with large media publications, including the following:

The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Glamour, YouTube, Blogger, MySpace, GigaOM, PBS Parents, PBS NewsHour, The Next Web, TweetDeck, SocialWok, Disqus, Vinehub, and Buzzzy

Do you think the new buttons will help Google drive wider adoption of the Buzz product? Do you still use Google Buzz since it first launched in February?

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