Can Google TV Be Saved?

Sales of partner Logitech's device miss target by 70%

Google may do a lot of things right, but its miserable exceptions (Google Buzz, anyone?) can be pretty miserable—and Google TV looks right now like a candidate for the latter category. According to reports today, the system called Revue Google TV, produced with Logitech, is seriously underperforming its targets.

Logitech said in a quarterly earnings release yesterday that the set-top Web TV box is performing far below expectations, bringing in only $5 million in sales. That's compared to the $22 million Logitech had reported in sales for the previous quarter and $18 million expected for this quarter. That's right: a 70 percent miss. 

The poor performance has led tech bloggers to describe the system as another dud, and it remains to be seen whether the company can turn the system around.

In a statement, a Google spokesman told CNET, "It's early days for Google TV and for Internet-connected TVs in general. . . . Our engineers are . . . developing the next version of Google TV, which will, for example, include Android Market. This will enable the applications from thousands of developers to come to Google TV."




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