Can MediaWire Bridge the Cross-Platform Gap?

Developing a comprehensive digital experience for a publication is no small task. While very few outlets have the financing and manpower to produce a custom app, the low-cost appeal of micropublishing could leave organizations still wanting more — especially when it forces you to choose between platforms rather than catering to all of them.

Cross-platform experiences are the goal of MediaWire, a new startup that enables publishers to create and distribute their publications directly through smartphone stores. Unlike some micropublishing apps, MediaWire charges a flat fee per upload and leaves the revenue from sales alone.

The tool already publishes apps to the Apple App store and Google Play, with BlackBerry App World and Windows Store to follow. MediaWire is one of the only companies that supports all of these devices from a single source, meaning that it’s a good candidate to use for digital publishing if the goal is to be truly cross platform across all mediums. MediaWire also allows for users to share publications across major social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, for no extra cost. 

In addition to providing an cross-platform product, MediaWire promises an analytics dashboard that tracks the behaviors of visitors to your app. Data available includes a wide range of data, from visit frequency to the demographic data of the user. The result is a singular system that not only provides cross-platform publishing but also incorporates marketing and analytics to help the publication grow.

MediaWire has a lofty goal, but their ambitions are reflective of the needs and desires of digital publishers who operate on a (less than) shoestring budget. The more low-cost, all-in-one services that begin to appear, the more content will appear in these digital app environments. All it takes is one big boom to thrust digital publication from an auxiliary feature to a primary publishing source, and this app appears to be a sign that the future isn’t too far away.

Pricing for MediaWire starts at $199 for quarterly publications. What do you think of the future of digital publishing? Let us know in the comments.

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