Can you Name any of the Top 30 Twitter Users? [Infographic]

How many tweets do you think the 30 most-active Twitter users sent out last month? And who are these elusive Twitter elite? We’ve got a cool infographic from icrossing for you that plots the 30 top Twitter users in orbit around each other, and we bet you’ll be surprised at just how often you’d have to tweet to make it into this exclusive club.

One of the most interesting things about the top 30 Twitter users is what industry they’re all in. You’ll notice that only 2 are sports-related, and 3 (although one of these 3 is the number one overall) are news or political. The remaining 25 are evenly split between music and Hollywood – surprise surprise.

As I hinted, the number one Twitter users is a news Twitter feed – the New York Times (@NYTimes). Their main account sent out well over 5,000 in March 2011 alone. However, you’ll notice that the New York Times is one of the smallest orbs on the infographic, indicating that it has less than 4 million followers – it’s dwarfed by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber’s massive 8 million+ supernovas.

Following the New York Times in terms of most active is Ryan Seacrest, Perez Hilton, P.Diddy, Justin Bieber and a handful of other celebs. In fact among the top 10 most active Twitter users, only the New York Times and CNN are non-celebrities.

There’s plenty more to take away from this infographic, so why don’t you take a look below (click to enlarge):

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