Canada’s Dead Prime Ministers have Rap Battle on Twitter

The Canadian electoral campaign is in full swing, and the leaders have already gathered for an English and a French debate. However, those currently running for Prime Minister aren’t the only ones to take the election spotlight: a number of former (and currently dead) Prime Ministers are congregating on Twitter to have their own debates – and even a rap battle. Politics has never been so hip.

The stately figures of Canada’s political past have risen from the graves and are now…tweeting.

There are at least six deceased Prime Ministers currently on Twitter, following the elections with their ghostly tweets. They participated in a #deadpmdebate while the real candidates were duking it out in the leadership debate, and now they have decided to inject some frivolity into their unearthly tweeting – by holding a rap battle.

Here are some of the badass rap verses from the mouths of Prime Ministers’ past:

Mutton chops comin’ thru / Me and my cabinet crew swaggin’ in the room / Girls a bevy ’cause I look so sexy. #deadpmrapbattle @TupperCharles

Have polling problems? I feel bad for you son/I have 99 problems (+/- 3, 19 times out of 20) and an election ain’t one @JSDThompson

Confed, Railroads, National Policy, I did more than y’all think / Some haters only go on about how much I drink. #deadpmrapbattle @PMJAMacdonald

Laura’s calling me for supper. “Peace out” Dead PM brothers. Good luck throwing down new “trax” as “phat” as mine in the #DeadPMrapbattle @bobbyborden

If you’re a politico or just looking for a good laugh, these accounts and their ghostly brethren are worth a follow!


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