Canadian Airline’s Christmas Stunt Goes Viral (Again)

We will probably never use the word “heartwarming” in a sentence, and we didn’t cry at this WestJet “Christmas miracle” stunt (botched facelift). But quite a few people have apparently teared up while watching the clip in the two days since it went live. And yes, this is the same brand behind last year’s “flash mob” stunt.

It had to be pretty elaborate in order to convince surfers to watch it for 5 and a half minutes, and indeed it is.

Via the good people at PR Examples, here’s why they did it.

That’s not a particularly revealing behind the scenes clip, but for some hints as to how the company pulled this off, one only has to look at the list of corporate sponsors: Best Buy, Under Armour, etc. We’re mostly curious about the huge video gift box. Who donated the tech?

And in case you still doubted the depth of this stunt, WestJet also made a “Santa’s bloopers” reel:

You can take this YouTube comment with a grain of salt, but the woman who asked for a new car apparently received a toy car instead, because nobody’s perfect.

The lesson here is that you can make your small brand stand out with a ridiculously complex, well-executed stunt. Just make sure you have some very generous corporate sponsors lined up.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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