Canadian Politicians Sent over 16,000 Tweets Since Beginning of Campaign 3 Weeks Ago

There’s a federal election brewing in Canada, with Canadians set to go to the polls on May 2nd. And, as with nearly every election in the past few years, social media is playing its part: politicians and political parties are jumping on Twitter to interact with voters, and all parties are claiming to be running a “social media” campaign.

The National Post got a hold of as many stats as you could ever want to see pertaining to how politicians are using Twitter. Three weeks into the campaign, and the five major Canadian political parties are all doing their part to stand out from the crowd on Twitter.

In the past three weeks, all five parties have sent out a combined 16,790 tweets. Among these, 79.6% were original content, the rest being retweets. That’s a lot of chatter in a pretty short period of time.

The Liberal Party of Canada is in the lead in terms of the number of tweets sent out. Since the campaign began, they’ve tweeted 6,453 times – a full two times the number of tweets than the second most talkative party on Twitter.

But politicians on Twitter can’t just tweet and think they’re successful. They’ve got to engage their followers. And Canadian politicians are doing just that: one out of every five tweets engages a particular Twitter user by @mentioning them. And the Conservatives are in the lead engagement-wise: 22.8% are actively engaging with their audience.

Perhaps most interestingly are the stats about the Green Party, Canada’s environmental party. Out of the five parties, the Green Party ranks 4th in terms of community engagement on Twitter, behind the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. And the Green Party is the party most actively claiming to be running a social media campaign.

These stats are a result of a partnership between and, the latter of which is a particularly interesting resource for anyone interested in getting to know how politicians use Twitter.

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