Candace Bushnell’s Conversation Starter

Divorced and currently not dating, Sex and the City author explains why she's glad to be living in rural Connecticut.

KillingMonicaCoverWe did not want to let the week end without highlighting some provocative comments made by Sex and the City muse Candace Bushnell to Net-a-Porter’s Porter magazine.

From our point of view, this dialogue started a few weeks ago in the New York Post. An article by Heather Robinson suggested that one of the reasons female viewers were mourning the end of AMC series Mad Men was because the program delivered a welcome reminder of male dating chivalry:

The proliferation of online dating sites and “hookup culture” – or decreased stigma around no-strings-attached sex between strangers – means that immature men’s playground is no longer just the halls of their office buildings. It’s the entire city.

“It’s like we’ve become this commodity where men can pick out what they want whenever they want,” said Alicia, 37, who works in advertising and lives downtown.

According to Bushnell, there’s also the pervasive and disruptive influence of porn on today’s bedroom activity. From the interview:

“There seems to be a lot of complaints about everybody trying to act like they’re in a porno movie, and I think because the porn was more real then… Now, it’s airbrushed and plastic… I don’t know, I just remember men were really grateful to be with women. And from what I hear, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.”

To paraphrase Mike Myers’ SNL character Linda Richman: “Mr. Big is neither real or still accurately imagined. Discuss.”
[Jacket cover of Bushnell’s June 23 novel courtesy: Grand Central Publishing]

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