Capcom brings Monster Hunter Freedom Unite to iOS

Capcom has today announced the release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on iOS devices. Based on Japan’s Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, the game was first released on PSP in 2009. In the game, players take on the role of hunter, challenged with taking down ferocious beasts while completing a wide variety of quests from villagers and other AI-controlled characters.

The game supports controller peripherals for iPhone and iPod Touch, and is compatible with iPhone 4S+ and iPad 3+. When not using a controller, users navigate using a virtual joystick, while camera control, item movement and other menus are located across the bottom and right sides of the screen.

Players start with a small selection of gear / defense items and offensive weapons, and can complete training missions before diving into the world on their own. These training missions introduce players to the concepts of weapon sharpness (and weapon types), item storage and delivery chests, beds for resting and restoring HP and removing status effects and other elements in this action-RPG.

From there, players are allowed to complete as many quests as they’d like, spending some of their money on contract fees and choosing quests based on level and difficulty. The stronger the player, the stronger quests can be attempted, but users can team up with others in four-player co-op battles (via wi-fi) when a current monster seems too difficult to defeat.

Each quest gives players a different task(s), like collecting materials from fallen enemies or defeating specific quantities of equally specific enemies. A supply box offers a map of the area, whetstones for sharpening swords, ammunition for long-range weapons and more. It’s up to players to decide which items to take with them, and when to use them in order to succeed. When a quest is successfully completed, users can head back to town and receive their rewards, including their original contract fee.

Players unlock new weapons and armor as they play, allowing them to take on stronger quests and stronger monsters, thus continuing the game’s cycle.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is available to download for $14.99 on iOS.