Capcom Partners With Aurora Feint; Adds Social Elements To iPhone Games

Capcom Interactive, Inc. today announced its partnership with Aurora Feint to leverage the power of the popular OpenFeint gaming platform as a launching point for its two games for the iPhone. The two games are Dark Void Zero and Hatchlings, an 8-bit platformer and puzzle game, respectively. Bringing the social elements into a classic platformer style game is certainly to bring hardcore gamers into more social behavior, so we look forward to seeing what else comes down the pipe. Will Street Fighter IV for iPhone get the same treatment?

“Capcom Interactive has been evaluating the online mobile gaming space for quite some time now and we think that OpenFeint has a great social games platform,” said Manabu Seko, Head of Americas and EMEA Studio, Capcom Interactive, Inc. “We look forward to taking advantage of OpenFeint’s social, gaming and marketing features to reach their 21 million players.”

The two games, Dark Void Zero and Hatchlings, an 8-bit platformer and a puzzler, respectively, will take advantage of OpenFeint’s features such as OpenFeint X virtual goods, analytics, game-specific currency wallet and more. In addition, OpenFeint will showcase the games for 2 weeks via its Game Spotlight app, which markets markets and highlights outstanding game content available game content on the OpenFeint network.

Despite the onset of Apple’s Game Center which will bring the power of the social graph, achievements and leaderboards to the table, OpenFeint will avoid being rendered obsolete and maintain its position as a leading platform by focusing on its other strengths.

“Apple is a key partner and we are delighted that they have validated the first half of the OpenFeint vision and we can now fulfill the second half: OpenFeint X and Virtual Goods based Social Games, ” stated stated Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint. “Our developers can be 100 percent assured that we will continue to invest in OpenFeint so our 1500 live games, 2000 games in development and 19M players have a flawless experience with OpenFeint and Game Center.”

Dark Void Zero is an 8-bit platformer game where the player takes on the role of test-pilot named Rusty armed with a robust rocket pack. Players progress through 3 classically-designed retro levels, braving villains in order to shut down Portal X in time to save mankind. Hatchlings, on the other hand, is a progressive puzzler game where players assemble a hatchery in a display of dexterity. The idea is to assist a Gecko named Echo that operates a Great Hatchery that releases magical Hatchlings for release into the Crystelwell Forrest.

Dark Void Zero and Hatchlings are live now in the App Store and we recommend you give them a try!

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