Media Investor at Trillion-Dollar LA Firm Says Goodbye

Nikki Finke has linked to an old LA Weekly item about Gordon “Gordy” Crawford, a.k.a. “The Pope on Hope [Street],” on the occasion of his imminent retirement. The Capital Group VP is exiting the downtown LA firm tomorrow after 41 years, during which time the firm’s assets grew from $2 billion to $1.1 trillion.

Crawford nurtured close relationships with media moguls and his fingerprints were all over many of the biggest transactions involving the likes of Time Warner, News Corp, DirectTV and Disney. From Finke’s 2003 piece:

Crawford is soft-spoken in a sea of screamers, he’s low-profile in a realm of egotists and he’s nice in a nexus of nasties. Besides, it’s hard to say a harsh word about someone who in 1993 suffered such a profound personal tragedy: the death of his 21-year-old son Brett during a hiking accident in Taiwan while enrolled in a semester-at-sea program. Crawford has told friends: “I’d give up all the money I ever made for one hour with him.”

Crawford shares a first name with the infamous Gordon Gekko but is evidently everything that fictional character was not. In his case, it was his personal creed that was good. Per the overall numbers above, very good. Capital Group was launched in LA in 1931 following the Great Crash of 1929.

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