Capital Groups Duke It Out in Attempt to Buy Jimmy Choo Brand

Maybe it’s just us, but isn’t it always sort of a strange feeling when you learn that a bunch of companies are owned by a huge conglomerate you’ve likely never heard of before? We’re not talking about something like Proctor & Gamble here or the like, but more along the lines of Golden Gate Capital, who owns big portions of companies ranging from Eddie Bauer to Macaroni Grill to J.Jill. We say this because of the news that the firm TPG Capital has joined in the fight to purchase designer Jimmy Choo‘s brand away from TowerBrook Capital (also owner, among others, of liquor retailer BevMo!). TPG will now be competing to own Choo with Jones Group (another gigantic firm who owns everything from Gloria Vanderbilt to Nine West) and a pairing between Bahrain’s Investcorp and the Labelux Group out of Germany. TPG, as you may or many not know, took over J. Crew last month, and already have huge stakes, if not outright ownership, in companies like Neiman Marcus, Harrah’s, and the Spanish broadcasting network, Univision. So who’s new corporate family will Choo join? And does it matter, considering there’s probably some even larger company that owns all these smaller company-owning behemoths? The only thing we know for certain is this: we should have gone to business school.

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