Capital New York’s Sexiest 60-Second Interview Yet

One of the features of Capital New York’s brand new “Media Pro” morning newsletter is something called The 60-Second Interview. Participants so far have included Curbed CEO Lockhart Steele, Hollywood Reporter editorial director Janice Min, former FishbowlNY editor Rachel Sklar and, today, Glenn Beck.

The Daily Caller got a kick out of the fact that present in today’s e-mail version was the editorial annotation [CUT?] ahead of The Blaze founder’s praise of I Love Lucy (Beck’s Ricky Ricardo praise was indeed excised from the Web side). Meanwhile, at The Blaze end, assistant editor Erica Ritz seems to have felt the need to confirm to her readers that the conversation is not a hoax:

Glenn Beck told Capital New York in a “60-second interview” that he actually admires a number of reporters from the mainstream media.

Beck was asked about “one news publication or TV show people might be surprised” to learn he is a fan of. He didn’t name a show, but did name a number of individuals.

As far as we can tell, neither one of the singled-out individuals (CNN’s Jake Tapper, the New York Times‘ Mark Leibovich) has responded via Twitter to the backhanded Beck praise. Meanwhile, Min has had the funniest 60-Second answers so far, starting with:

CAPITAL: THR recently augmented its fashion coverage with a new title. What’s the worst fashion faux pas you’ve seen in your time in LA?

MIN: I thought this interview was supposed to be only 60 seconds?

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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