Capitol…White House: Same Difference, Right?

What’s worse than two journalists from the same newspaper reporting contradictory information?  If those reporters’ articles appear next to each other in the paper.  And such was the case in Monday’s DC Examiner.  Both Lisa Gartner and Liz Farmer reported on 9/11 memorial ceremonies for the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93.  Only problem?  Gartner’s report says the plane’s  hijackers were headed for the U.S. Capitol and Farmer says the plane was meant for the White House.  Meh, details…details….The two stories appeared stacked on the same page.  Oopsie!

Farmer: “President Obama also laid a wreath at the memorial later Sunday afternoon after visiting the site of the World Trade Center attack in New York, and Shanksville, Penn., where a plane meant for the White House crashed after passengers wrested control back from the hijackers.”

Gartner: “The flight’s 40 passengers and crew members are often called heroes for storming the cockpit of their hijacked jetliner, preventing the al Qaeda terrorists at the controls of the aircraft from hitting their target: the U.S. Capitol, most likely.”

h/t BKowBF