Caption This

Today we’d like you dear readers to come up with a caption for this photograph of Brendan Kownacki (a high vote getter in our “Biggest Open Barfly” Summer Superlative) and a friend. For those who haven’t chatted with him at the latest party, Kownacki’s self-description is: “Strategist, Publicist, Producer, Commentator, Writer, and Self-Proclaimed Futurist.”

Please send all captions to, to or to’ll publish the best ones later. Keep it clean (relatively, please).

The Captions (Attribution: Anonymous journalists and an avid Twitter follower)

Mom told me to put some meat on my bones?

(Whatever his name is) seen here at the recent transgendered futurist Socialites of America Society gala

Kownacki proves that pinstripes cannot make everyone look slimmer

L: Before a year at Five Guys. R: After a year at Five Guys.

Doublemint Twins?

It puts the lotion in the basket

Being a futurist has done nothing to help cure herpes

Brendan and Tommy McFly’s stand-in for the night.

Those early mornings are really taking a toll on Tommy McFly.

Oh honey, this guy on my left could be a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner

This skilled photographer caught Wendy Gordon’s alter-ego striking a pose with Brendan Kownacki

Amazing likeness!  Hey, if Chaz Bono wants you to take his place on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I say go for it!